Nylon 680 Filament – Natural

– Taulman 3D

Product Description

Taulman Nylon 680 natural 1.75mm filament is a medical grade nylon made with FDA approved polymer. Nylon 680 is a non-leaching FDA nylon that is capable of low temperature sterilization techniques. Nylon 680 prints at a lower temperature than most Nylons, meaning you can use it with an all metal hot-end. The FDA has approved this filament for indirect food contact. Nylon 680 is stronger than PLA or ABS, and is a great filament for creating functionally strong prototype parts. Each roll of Nylon 680 filament contains 1 lb of material.

  • Nylon 680 was developed at taulman3D to meet certain FDA criteria for clinical and other applications.

  • Nylon 680 – Potential Uses
    There are many uses in the clinical, food and medical industries. As any material needs to be fully tested for each use, it will be several months before testing is complete and certified uses are noted.
  • Nylon 680 – Printing
    Recommended Print Temperature: 245C – 250C
    Nozzle Diameter: Any size
    Print Speed: 20 – 30mm/s
    Print Bed Technique –Hot: Glass heated to 45C with thin coat of PVA
    Print Bed Technique – Cold: Not recommended