Nylon 230 Filament – Natural

– Taulman 3D

Product Description

Taulman Nylon 230 1.75mm filament is the first nylon capable of being printed at the low temperature of 230C and without a heated bed. This is a significant breakthrough, as Taulman Nylon 230 can be printed on almost any 3D printer! This filament has high strength, durability and chemical resistance, making this product an ideal material for creating precision quality prototypes. Each roll of Nylon 230 filament contains 1 lb of material.

  • Nylon 230 is a low temperature nylon developed by taulman3D specifically for 3D Printing on systems that have cold print beds and lower temp capabilities.

  • Nylon 230 – Potential Uses
    Gears – light load
    Fan blades
    Phone covers
    Protective covers/enclosures.
    Cosmetics containers
  • Nylon 230 – Printing
    Recommended Print Temperature: 245C – 265C
    Nozzle Diameter: Any size
    Print Speed: 80% of ABS speeds
    Print Bed Technique –Hot: Glass heated to 45C w/ coat of PVA
    Print Bed Technique – Cold: BuildTak with coat of PVA