N-Vent Filament – Black

-Taulman 3D

Product Description

Taulman n-vent Black 1.75mm filament is the result of a partnership between Taulman 3D and Eastman Chemical company, resulting in one of the strongest copolyesters on the market, with the least shrinkage. This filament is considered an exceptional polymer for printing form fitting prototypes. n-vent prints with dimensional stability without warping and provides superior strength when compared with other filaments. Each roll of n-vent filament contains 1 lb of material.

  • taulman3D was selected by Eastman Chemical Co. as the manufacture and distributor of their “Amphora” line of 3D Printing materials. Amphora (AM1800) has been available in Europe for some time and now comes to the US via N-Vent from taulman3D. We are very pleased to have a well known and tested material available as part of our line of high end materials. N-Vent comes in Clear, Red, Green, Lt Blue, Yellow, Black and White.

  • N-Vent – Potential Uses
    As a replacement for any parts currently printed in ABS.
    N-Vent is 100% bonding layer to layer and parts will never “split” apart or “delaminate” even in very large prints.
    FDA compliant
    “Non-shattering” upon over-stress
    Precision design form/fit/function
  • N-Vent – Printing
    Recommended Print Temperature: 250C – 255C
    Nozzle Diameter: Any size
    Print Speed: ABS speeds
    Print Bed Technique –Hot: Glass heated to 70C – 80C
    Print Bed Technique – Hot: Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA