Alloy 910 Filament – Natural

-Taulman 3D

Product Description

Taulman Alloy 910 natural 1.75mm filament is the first 3D printable high impact, high durability co-polymer alloy. It has a tensile strength of 8100 PSI, which gives it the characteristic of thermoplastics with 10-15% of glass filled materials! Alloy 910 is meant for high temperature, high strength, high durability applications. It is an excellent material for molding, robotics, machining or any need that requires a high tensile feature. Due to Alloy 910’s chemical composition, it has the least water absorption of similar materials containing a Nylon component. Each roll of Taulman Alloy 910 contains 1 lb of material

  • Alloy 910 is a significant development by taulman3D and both our chemical house and post processing company. The goal was to provide a super material with very high tensile, yet sufficient elongation to maintain a high degree of durability. Alloy 910, when 3D Printed comes in at 8,100 PSI Tensile and close to 12,000PSI when injection molded.

  • Alloy 910 – Potential Uses
    Any industrial parts that are currently being made of other high tensile polymers.
    Large motor mounting
    Industrial vibration isolators and damping parts
    High Pressure Sand Blasting resistant
    Sand Blast Masking
    Electroplating supports and hangers
    Chemical dip and tank supports.
    High end gears and cams
    Chemical resistant equipment covers
  • Alloy 910 – Printing
    Recommended Print Temperature: 245C – 250C
    Nozzle Diameter: Any size
    Print Speed: 80% of ABS speeds
    Print Bed Technique –Hot: Glass heated to 45C with thin coat of PVA
    Print Bed Technique – Cold: BuildTak with coat of PVA