3D printing services

3D Printing services starting at $1.00/Gram.
Please call or email for more information.

If you have a file that is ready to print, in STL or OBJ format, that needs no modification or engineering assistance, we invite you to visit our 3D Hubs store.  At 3D Hubs, our printing services start at $1.00 per gram and you can choose from several printer types and materials, depending on your requirements.  Please click on the link to be redirected to 3D Hubs.  Please note that if you require assistance for a project, we can quote these on a per-project basis – see below.

Visit 3D Hubs

Product Description

Our 3D printing services are very economical compared to other companies – we offer budget 3D printing services, meaning our expert engineers can create finished products that are nearby the quality of other, cost prohibitive methods-  at a fraction of the cost.  With the exception of 3D Hubs orders, (which has its own proprietary quoting system) we provide an upfront quotation for every printing project, so that you will be able to know for certain what your cost is, up-front, with no hidden charges!