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The i3D PrintClub is ideal for businesses and professionals that have a requirement for multiple prototypes on a monthly basis. i3D PrintClub offers unlimited daily printing, based on a single machine. Membership is billed monthly, and there are no long-term contracts to sign. This can be particularly beneficial if you are working on a project – join i3D PrintClub for as long as you need to – there are no penalties for canceling!

Club members will be assigned a sales engineer to manage their i3D PrintClub membership. The Sales Engineer is dedicated to supporting the printing needs of their customers and acts as customer support to manage designs, production schedules and shipping (shipping costs are not included in the membership).

While the i3D PrintClub service is based on customers having print-ready STL files, the sales engineer will review each file before printing and offer input on the file quality, as well as work with the customer to ensure that each print will be successful. Depending on the specific needs, additional costs may apply. Customers can also take advantage of our competitive 3D design engineering services, which we offer to members at a discounted rate. We can take your idea and turn it into a reality!

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