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Introduction to 3D Modeling

Having the ability to create 3D models on your own greatly increases the overall experience in 3D printing! When students can imagine something and then successfully transform that idea into a physical item, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

At intentional3D, we are experts with 3D modeling and design. We offer training programs for a variety of different types of modeling software, including Rhino, Solidscape, Sketchup and OnShape. We can recommend the best 3D modeling software for your requirements, assist in downloading and setup and create training programs so that educators and students alike can obtain a level of understanding sufficient to create their own 3D models.

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced 3D Printing Techniques

Once you have finished our initial setup and training class, we like to let you experiment with your 3D printer for a few weeks to get a better idea of how to create basic 3D prints. For those that wish to further their knowledge of 3D printing, we offer training classes that can help enhance your continued journey into the incredible world of 3D printing!

Class categories include Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced – the best way to experience the best results is to start at the beginning module and work your way through the rest. We love 3D printing, and we can help you fall in love with it too!

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