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The key to creating a great custom training program is to combine intelligent content with creative ideas.  The most intimidating part of creating a training program is in creating the content to be covered – but the great thing about 3d printing, is that the very act of using a 3D printer creates a highly scientific event, with plenty of problem-solving and brain-storming opportunities.  intentional3D can help you create training programs that are as simple, or as complex as you require.  And don’t panic – you don’t have to start out with a big program, we can create ongoing programs that start small and grow at the same pace as your newly acquired skill-set!

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Teach-the-Teacher Training

Once a teacher is armed with knowledge, fantastic learning experiences can happen!  3D printing technology is essentially a vehicle to create an interest in learning.  Whether a student learns or not rarely comes down to technology, and almost always involves a motivated teacher that can USE that technology to create a desire to learn.  At intentional3D, we created the Teach the Teacher program to accomplish to main objectives – the first is to ensure that the teacher understands the technology enough to present the information to students, and the second is to offer teaching techniques that we have learned the hard way – by trying, failing and trying again!

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Classroom Participation Programs

As an additional resource to the teach-the-teacher program, we offer classroom participation programs in which an i3D instructor is working in tandem with the teacher during a classroom project. This allows the teacher-in-training to have an expert available to assist them with training techniques and work hand-in-hand with the classroom participants. The teacher can also have the i3D expert lead the classroom activity, allowing the teacher to take on a secondary role. These programs can be customized – whether it be a single activity or ongoing STEM/STEAM learning, we can help your educators maximize the learning experience!

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Curriculum Development

The hardest part about creating a training program is coming up with the actual curriculum to be utilized.  This is the point where many institutions fail, and it doesn’t have to be that way. The great thing about 3D printing is the very act of using a 3D printer creates many different paths that can be traveled in the quest for learning opportunities.  Whether it be STEM, STEAM, STREAM or any other subject path, intentional3D can help you create  the curriculum, and then help you organize and implement an action plan. 

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